I’m from Honduras. We came to NC in April 2018 with my newlywed wife. We live in Concord. Background: Industrial & Systems Engineer with a Master in Business Administration. Work Experience: over 18 years of experience in multiple Supply Chain areas in the Automotive and Textile industry Production Control & Materials Manager @ Lear Corporation (Automotive) – 11 years, Honduras Textile Procurement Senior Manager @ Gildan (Textile) – 2.5 years, Honduras Operations Planning Manager @ Gildan (Textile Industry) – 2.5 years, NC USA What brought me here to the US was a job transfer while working with Gildan in Honduras. Then Covid-19 happened and changed everything. I decided this was my chance to transition from the corporate world to dedicate full time in Real Estate. This was not an easy decision as I always strived to grow in the corporate ladder for a better position and made a lot of great accomplishment like the opportunity to come to this country. But at the same time a quote stick to me: “Your unique ability isn’t necessarily what you are good at. Most people don’t give themselves a chance to realize what their true unique ability is, because they are doing things that they are good at”.

One year after we came here to the US, my wife and I decided that we want to have kids. And we realized that we both work and not having family around meant that one of us needed to stay home to raise our kids. Not having the time freedom to spend time with our family while they were visiting or if we wanted to travel and visit them, was always a struggle due to our jobs strict timelines.

Here’s how our journey begun when we discovered that through real estate we can achieve the time freedom and financial wealth to live the life of our dreams to raise our kids, spend more time with our family, support for our parents and give more to others.

Throughout my career I’ve develop skills to manage budgets and timelines, strategic planning, decision making and problem solving that I can incorporate in my new role as a real estate agent and investor. What attracted me to join Five Pillars is their investing knowledge that can help me develop the skills and mindset to be aligned to meet my investment goals of building a rental portfolio.

Hobbies: I like watching sports (formula 1, soccer, football), reading books.

Live a life of purpose. Focus on growing and being the best that I can be, pursuing my dreams and inspire others to do the same.




I am here to help you achieve your real estate goals!