Pillars consulting

Pillars Consulting was created by the founders of the Five Pillars Realty Group. The deliverables were personally developed, tested, and refined within our organization, using trial and error to create a well-oiled machine. We know they work. We live this life daily.


Our Packages


How to Be an
Investor-Savvy Agent

  • Establishing a recession-proof model
  • Developing a submarket, free of competition
  • Building a community… aka self-sustaining lead-generation machine

How to Build a
Real Estate Team

  • Big Vision to First Steps
  • Talent Acquisition, Accountability & Growth
  • How to Be a Team Leader

"Don't wait to buy real estate...
buy real estate & wait."


How to Be an Investor-Savvy Agent


As investors first & agents second, we emphasize the importance of agents understanding how investors operate– their mindset, goals and perspective, and the strategies that go along with it. Check out our deliverables:

Screening Investors

  1. Verbal Techniques
  2. Leveraged Techniques
  3. Red Flags

Investment Strategies

  1. Turn Key
  2. House Hack
  3. Live in Flip
  4. Fix n’ Flip
  5. BRRRR, Delayed Financing
  6. Running Numbers

Deals Optimizations

  1. On-Market
  2. Off-Market

Building Your Network

  1. Vendors
  2. Pints & Properties Events
  3. Marketing to Investors

How to Build a Real Estate Team


What you will learn from this course

Team Accelerator

  1. Building a Real Estate Team
  2. Building an Admin Team
  3. Talent Acquisition & Retention
  4. Career Skills Program Utilization
  5. Be More Training
  6. Budgets & Money
  7. Mindset & Personal Self-Development
  8. Advanced Investor Strategies
  9. Commercial Real Estate

Our Impact

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Shelby Osborne and Pillars Consulting. I’ve been an active agent in Texas for the past 3.5 years; however, I took a brief 7 month hiatus to work for one of the top builders here in Houston. During that time as new parent I truly grew to miss the flexibility of being a real estate agent. Not to mention that as a builder sales representative to avoid future conflicts of interest I had to put my real estate flipping business on hold. Finally, I knew the highest and best use of my experience and knowledge was to serve the needs of the public by representing their best interest as a real estate agent.

If I were to get back into real estate as an agent I knew that I needed to implement better systems, hire an assistant and recruit the industry’s best and brightest agents.

All of which are possible but improbable without the right coach. Lo and behold I met the right coach and her name is Shelby, due to her well thought-out and meticulous training program the Harden Real Estate has grown leaps and bounds just within the past 4 months.

From taking one or two listings per year to taking 1-2 listings per month as well as flipping a property per month. I’ve also, recently hired an assistant to further help bring my vision to fruition. Pillar’s Consulting even helped me you onboard my assistant seamlessly.

I highly recommend Pillars Consulting; I owe not only my business shift but my mindset shift to Shelby Osborne and Pillars Consulting.”

Lavar Harden
Owner at Harden Real Estate Group. Houston, TX​
"As a brand new real estate agent and investor, I struggled early on with trying to systematize and grow my business. I got connected with Shelby on BiggerPockets and was instantly drawn to her team because they specialize in helping real estate investors achieve their goals. I wanted to duplicate that business model in my market and Shelby agreed to take me on as a consulting client. Throughout the past 4 months, it is hard to quantify how big of a positive impact the FPRG team has had on not just my business but my life. They have graciously shared their systems, processes, and procedures for building and growing an investor friendly real estate agent team. They shared best practices, failures, and lessons learned in an effort to help me learn from their vast experiences. They helped me grow my team to our current size of three members with 2 new agents in the onboarding process.

Check out the numbers.. Before starting the consulting/training sessions with Shelby, Megan, Mike, and Dan, I averaged 1 closed transaction and $262,750 in volume per month. Since starting my consulting sessions with FPRG, I have averaged 4 closed transactions and $969,900 in closed volume over the past 4 months. FPRG was instrumental in quadrupling my business and helping me purchase another investment property for myself!

They not only helped me build efficient systems to optimize my time and business but gave me the confidence to wake up and crush each day. I would not be where I am today without the help and constant mentorship from Shelby and her team. They are life coaches that have mastered the real estate industry. Call them to take your life and real estate businesses to the next level."

Sean McDonnell
Real Estate Professional

Team Building

What We Do:

Transform high-performing individuals into their full potential as optimized Real Estate Teams.

This includes:

  • Providing the exact products, tools, and checklists required to get your team running right now
  • Establishing and articulating processes
  • Structuring lanes within your organization
  • Building and sustaining a team that consists of tier-1 people

"Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships."

-- Michael Jordan


1 – Big Vision to First Steps

  • Assistant Breakdown
  • Transaction Coordinator Breakdown
  • Systems, Checklists, Technology

2 – Talent Acquisition, Accountability & Growth

  • How & Where to Find Talent
  • Essential Qualities + Red Flags
  • Hiring, Onboarding
  • Structured Accountability

3 – How to be a Team Leader

  • Your “20%”
  • Value, Value, Value
  • Culture

4 – Personalized Focus

  • Systematizing & Streamlining What You Have
  • Career Skills Program Utilization
  • Agent Onboarding
  • Agent Training Pipeline

Other Optional Packages

  • Dominate as an Investor-Savvy Agent
  • Advanced Investor Strategies
  • Building an Admin Empire
  • Organization & Efficiency
  • Mindset & Personal SelfDevelopment


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